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Bio Meaning.


  • Thing, plural bi·os. 

  • Diary. 

  • Science. 

  • Illustrative word. 

  • consistent with life. 

Normal: a bio control organization using supplicating mantises to reduce the quantity of occupants in nursery vermin. 

  • Origin of bio 

  • 1945– 50; by shortening; as adj., self-governing use of bio-, taken as a free structure 


A joining structure implying "life" occurring in loanwords from Greek ( diary ); on this model, used in the improvement of compound words ( bioluminescence ).

Moreover especially before a vowel, bi-.

Wellspring of bio- 

  • Joining kind of Greek bíos life; much equivalent to Latin vīvus living, Sanskrit jīvas. See rapid. 

  • Complete. 

  • In perspective on the Discretionary House Unedited Word reference, © Unpredictable House, Inc. 2019. 

Related Words for bio 

calling, story, paper, accumulation of diaries, account, memory, treatise, chronicle, journal, story, life, memory, note, memory, diary, suggestion, account, biography, confirmation, letter

  • Chronicled Cases of bio. 

  • I hold for myself the request of the military of the Bio.

  • The Pearl of the Andes. 

Gustave Aimard 

  • Regardless, the Bio must be crossed, and there lay the inconvenience. 

  • The Pearl of the Andes. 

Gustave Aimard 

  • "The bio gather stole all of the weapons," MacFarland said without introduction. 

  • The Unprotected Species. 

  • Melvin Sturgis. 

  • The bio - and psycho-sciences were absolutely outside his field. 


  • H. Column Woodwind player. 

  • The botanist helped Cleve and me set up the bio pack, and he avowed Cleve's theory. 

  • Tabby feline. 

  • Winston Engravings. 

English Word reference definitions for bio 

  • Thing plural profiles. 

  • Short for biography. 

  • Bio-before a vowel.  

  • Solidifying structure. 

  • Showing or including life or living structures biogenesis ; biolysis. 

  • Exhibiting a human life or employment history ; biopic. 

Word Beginning stage for bio- 

  • From Greek profiles life. 

  • Word Beginning stage and History for bio. 

short for biography, affirmed from 1961. 

word-confining segment, from Greek bio-, brush. sort of profiles "one's life, course or strategy for living, lifetime" (as opposed to zoe "animal life, characteristic life"), from PIE root *gweie-"to live" (cf. Sanskrit jivah "alive, living;" Early English cwic "alive;" Latin vivus "living, alive," vita "life;" Center Persian zhiwak "alive;" Old Church Slavonic zivo "to live;" Lithuanian gyvas "living, alive;" Old Irish bethu "life," bith "age;" Welsh byd "world"). Resemblance Latin vita. The correct use is that in biography, anyway in present day science it has been extended to connote "common life."

bio in Remedy 

Life; living being: science.

Science; common: biophysics.

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